Founded in 1995 by Roy Schwalbach, Jack Studios fulfills his creative vision and has grown throughout the years into a full-service, upscale photography, film, and video studios. Roy’s expansive career ranged from actor to a photography agent, before opening his own studio, which he named after his beloved chocolate Labrador Retriever, Jack. As a dog lover, Roy encourages clients to bring in their dogs, resulting in a studio that is always full of life.

Roy’s passion for his work is evident in every detail of Jack Studios, which reflects his sleek, clean, and minimalistic taste. The studios are filled with pristine white write term papers pieces designed by Roy himself, such as makeup stations, conference tables, and Corian® couches, adding a unique modern touch to the atmosphere. A deep blue sea fish tank lights up the café with sparkling silver Lookdown fish, creating a beautiful and relaxing space.

Jack Studios has been offering its exclusive clientele a superior experience for over a decade, focusing on giving personalized attention to each of its clients. The spacious studios, which offer a lot of natural daylight, are equipped with state-of-the art equipment. Located in Chelsea, the Starrett-Lehigh building provides access to the West Side Highway as well as freight and truck elevators.